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MWI issue

I am using unity v4.0 (4) UM -lotus notes

every now and then when a VM is left for a user, the phone mwi does not come on. if I go into unity and refresh the status it comes on. the same thing happens when I listen to the message I have to refresh the status in unity for the mwi to go out.

any suggestions?



Re: MWI issue

Best practices suggest you set dedicated ports between Unity and Callmanager to answer incoming calls (75%) while MWI, Trap to 25%. Try setting the ports to this fashion and see if it helps any.

Also here is a good link to troubleshooting MWI issues. The reasons could be many..

Guidelines for setting Ports on Unity (75,25)

Re: MWI issue

I should have posted Unity troubleshooting guide for Domino, instead i posted the link for Exchange.

Here is the link for Domino MWI issues troubleshooting.

New Member

Re: MWI issue


I have been through the entire troubleshooting doc (thanks for that) this is the case

all traces show the MWI is working (but you have to click the refresh on the subscriber page for it to dial out)

This only happens on certain subscribers

Have checked all lotus client and that is config correctly

also if you delete the subscriber from the system and then re- add them it works for about 5 days then stops again.

Bit stuck where to go next

thanks for any help

Re: MWI issue

We had this issue ones and actually ran into a CCM bug.

If a line did not have a forward configured (any!), MWI was not reliable.

Unity by default only sets the MWI once. If Unity thinks that MWI should be on at a phone, it will not be set again.

You can change this behaviour by setting the following:

In the "switch-file" is a section [MWI Default].

Change the line

UpdateDisplay=No to


"By enabling this setting, Unity attempts to light the MWI, regardless of it's current state".

(Unity Deployment and Solutions, p923)

Good luck,


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