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MWI issues

We have a voicemail user who has no new voicemail but their MWI light stays on. In the SA, under 'Messages', the status shows 'ON'. Doesn't that indicate that Unity, when polling the inbox, finds and unread voice message? When you log in over the phone it says 'You have no new messages, no old messages'. Odd. The MWI status in the SA never changes (from ON). When we force resync of MWI, we can see the 'ON' packet go out for that extension. We leave a new voicmail, then retrieve and delete via phone but no MWI off packet goes out. What could Unity be seeing that it won't play over the phone? We are having an admin onsite log into the mailbox via Outlook to look for anything odd. SMDI integration w/ Nortel Meridian switch. Unity v. 3.1.3. Exchange off-box.


Rob Thornton


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Re: MWI issues

sounds more like the notifier component that's logged into everyone's mailbox has lost its connection to one or more boxes in this case. You can verify this by turning on the Notifier trace #21 (notify Q) in the Unity Diagnostic tool on the micro traces page. This trace will add a info to the diag_AvCsMgrxxx.txt diag file every time any mailbox of a subscriber has a state change (message is read, deleted, added...). I'll betcha for the box you are having trouble with you wont see any info when you change their inbox. If the notifier is not getting update messages from the inbox it simply goes with the last status it knew before connectivity was lost.

In 4.0 (and probably 3.1(5)) the monitoring portion of the notifier is being pulled out into it's own service such that it can be "bounced" without having to restart Unity for cases like this... Currently, however, this process lives under the AvCsMgr service and the only way to cycle it is to restart.

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