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MWI Lamp Issues on CCM 3.2 and Unity 2.4 (Not Working)

Okay, if you work in the Chicago-land area, I'm buying you lunch if you can help me figure this out (no joke.)

MWI Lights are simply not turning on or off with new and checked voice messages.

I can dial the MWI extentions from any phone and manualy turn the light on and off so I assume this is not a CSS (Calling Search Space) issue.

I have 4 ports enabled on the system. 1-3 are set to pick up for voicemail, and the 4th is set NOT to pick up, it's MWI notifications only. I have 1-3 set to forward to eachother on busy, and the 4th port (being for MWI only) is not in this hunt-loop.

From the unity server, if I launch the Unity Status Monitor program and monitor port 4, and then from there I press: "Set MWI" I see activity on Port 4 "Dialing MWI('6487')" and bingo, my light turns on. This leads me to belive that Unity knows the correct MWI dialing codes and this isn't a CCM configuration issue. (Side note: I don't even think that is relevant with an IP-Swiched system, I think thats only an issues with PBX Integrations.)

When I am on the web administration interface for Unity, and I resynch all the mailboxes or even the mailbox for one user, I see NO activity on the port, and NO lights turn on. The page refreshes and nothing happens.

When I used the Subscriber Dump Utility, found at and I set it to dump MWI Status codes and users, I can see that the status codes are correct. Meaning, people who have new voicemails are set to status code 1 and users who do no have status code 0. This leads me to belive that this is not an exchange (5.5) issue where the objects messages themselfs are somehow corrupted.

So, the only thing that I can possibly conclude is that somehow either one of the two is happening:

A) Unity does not know what port to use for MWI. (I had manualy specified port 4 in the Unity Monitor) or

B) The service that logs into the mailboxes and montiors for voicemail MWI status changes is either Corrupted or Missing.

Let me know and I will post ANY relevant configurations and documents that may help in the diagnosis.

I have had a very hard time finding information about the exact service that handles the MWI Notifications, as there were siginificant desgin changes after Unity 2.4. Any kind of support on this is non-existant, and documentation very dated and sparse.

Again, I repeat if anyone can help me fix this issue and you live or work in Chicago, I will buy you lunch. If you don't live in Chicago, I'll order you a pizza and pay over the phone for whever you may be.


Demetri Maltsiniotis



Re: MWI Lamp Issues on CCM 3.2 and Unity 2.4 (Not Working)

Check the Default Subscriber template and the subscriber profile to make sure that the Use MWI for message notification box is checked. Please reference the following document:

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: MWI Lamp Issues on CCM 3.2 and Unity 2.4 (Not Working)

That was one of the first things I checked for, MWI is enabled in the defualt subscriber template and for all the subscribers as well. I have preformed manual re-synching but as stated above it does nothing.

Re: MWI Lamp Issues on CCM 3.2 and Unity 2.4 (Not Working)

What about virus scanning on the Exchange server? Does it scan Exchange processes and directories?

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