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MWI light with VMO

We use Cisco CallManager with Unity 2.4. We use VMO. When a message is left on my extension, the MWI light is on. But as soon as the voice mail message arrives in Inbox of Outlook, I hear the sound "You have voice mail" and the MWI on my Cisco 7960 phone gets turned off, before I open the voice message in Outlook.<br><br>Please help. Thanks.<br><br>


Re: MWI light with VMO

I'm not sure I'm following the scenario here...

the MWI works OK unless you have your outlook client open?

The VMO client doesn't touch the read/unread status of a message in your inbox, so that shouldn't have any impact on the MWI status. Whenever a change happens in your inbox (regardless of what kind of message arrives or is removed) the notifier runs out and filters the inbox looking for new voice mail messages... if one or more are found the lamp goes on, if none are found the lamp goes off.

One thing that trips folks up is inbox rules... if you have messages moved from your inbox automatically to a folder (i.e. mail from your boss going into the "deleted items" folder automatically) this will cause us problems. We'll get the event that a change has taken place but when we get out to filter your inbox, we wont see the new voice mail there and will turn your lamp off (we don't filter any folders other than the Inbox itself).

If that's not it, you should reproduce this and run a subscriber message activity report so we can see what's going on from our end...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: MWI light with VMO

Thanks for replying to me.

What I found that this user has all the email sent to his Personal Folder, instead of Inbox on Exchange server. I think that is why - the new voice message goes to Inbox on Exchange server first and turns the MWI light on. When the message is sent from Inbox on Exchange to his personal folder, the MWI is off.

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