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MWI not lighting

I have one phone 7940 that the MWI will not light. I look at status is Unity and the status updates properly but the phone light will not light. The MWI turns off and on fine if I dial the ext to light and unlight. Any ideas.

Unity 3.1


Joel Kauffman

NetGain Information Systems

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Re: MWI not lighting

Is the 7940 DN in a partition available to the Unity MWI port CSS? If not MWI won't work.

Is the subscriber assigned to the correct switch (in profile page of Unity subscriber admin)?

Was this subscriber created by modifying the Example Subscriber or made from scratch? If by modifying the Example Subscriber I'd recommend deleting & readding from scratch.


Re: MWI not lighting

If it is just one phone having the problem, it might be a problem with the phone load. Try changing the phone load on that phone.

Also is there a Inbox rule for that phone user which might be moving voicemails, to a different Inbox folder in Outlook. If it is so, MWI will not light.

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Re: MWI not lighting

In your CCM service parameters do you have Multi Tenant MWI enabled or disable on each of you CCM's?

If you do not have that enabled then you can use translation patterns to route MWI from a partitioned Unity port.

Do your Unity ports have a conflicting pattern available to their CSS with that of the MWI on/off codes? or that device's extension? To lamp the lights Unity dials the MWI on code and THEN appends the EXT so if the port can't reach the device then you are out of luck with MWI.

Can you transfer from Unity to the device reliably?

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Re: MWI not lighting

I am having a very similar issue with one 7960 only the MWI light won't turn off. The status changes in Unity correctly but the phone's MWI status doesn't change. I can turn on and off the MWIs on other phones in the same location, PT, CSS, etc. Any ideas?

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Re: MWI not lighting

I too have the same problem... One 7940 that just dosn't want to let Unity light its lamp. You can ring the MWI indicator and it will light however Unity just can't light it. Any ideas??? Thanks...


Re: MWI not lighting

Is the problematic phone in a different partition than other phones that are working?

Make sure that the CSS assigned to the MWI ON/OFF number can access the phone.

Re: MWI not lighting

I apologise in advance, but due to the nature of the problem, and that only one phone is affected, I agree with all previous recommendations:

Check the CSS and Partion set on the phone.

Check the VM profile been set on the phone.

Check that no rules have been configured within outlook, which may move new messages from the inbox, as this will automatically cause the MWI not to light.

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