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New Member

MWI not working with domino


I am running unity 4.0.3 with notes 5.0.10. When I leave a new message for a subscriber unity is not turning on the MWI (or off when the message is checked). The only way I can get the MWI to turn on or off is to go into the subscriber settings and click refresh under the message tab.

Has anyone run into this before?



New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

Nice to know someone is having the same problem. I have a TAC case open but I do not have a working solution from them as yet.

I will let you know if I get a "working" solution. I would appreciate it if you would do the same.


New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

Are you running the same versions of notes, domino, unity?

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino


I'm running Unity 4.0.3 integrated with Domino R5 without MWI problems till now. We use also 5.0.10 Lotus Notes client on Unity. Did you apply the Engineering Special 6 which solves the CSCeb60898 bug? And did you install DUCS 1.2.1 correctly, CsServer on Domino with UM Users and CsAdmin on Domino Directory?

Regards, Thomas

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

No I was unaware of an ES6 and I am running DUCS 1.1.

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

I am on Unity 4.0.3 Engineering Specials 6&7 Ducs 1.2.1

We started out on DUCs 1.1 MWI did not work for the three initial test users. We upgraded to DUCs 1.2.1 and applied ES 6&7 to the servers. This fixed the MWIs for the three test users. We then went to increase the pilot group. But the next 12 users created the MWIs do not light correctly. We also noticed that the Notes users ACL was not being updated correctly. Any ideas?

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

Notes 5.0.11, Unity 4.0.3 ES6&7, DUCs 1.2.1

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

Is DUCS 1.2.1 a free upgrade or does it need to be purchased? Also where can I get ES 6 for unity 4.0.3?

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

The upgrade is free if you have a passport advantage account with IBM. Otherwise you will probably need to check with your reseller.

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

The Cisco TAC should have access to Engineering Special 6. You may need to re-queue your case and ask to have it escalated though.

Also the Cisco SE I was dealing with told me that Ducs 1.2 was required to install ES6

New Member

Re: MWI not working with domino

Found a Solution elsewhere in the forum. Try the following. It worked for me:

Sounds like bug CSCeb20635. The Release-note for this bug ought to be viewable by those outside Cisco.

If not, then....


On a subscriber's phone, the Message Waiting Indication (MWI) lamp doesn't

turn on, when a new voice message arrives. Also MWI doesn't turn off,

when the new message has been saved or deleted. If this subscriber also

uses Message Notification, Unity doesn't call a notification device when

new messages arrive.


Generally upon creating a mail file in Lotus Domino the owner of the file is to

left blank. The owner field is set by the first registered person to open the

mail file. When the Lotus Domino user is imported into Cisco Unity the

ownership information is used for MWI and Message Notification functionality.

If the Owner field on the mail file of a Unity subscriber is set incorrectly,

Cisco Unity fails to provide MWI and Message Notification for the subscriber.


If a Unity subscriber experiences MWI and/or Message Notification failures,

the subscriber needs to check the configuration of his/her mail file:

1. Using Lotus Notes Client open the your mail file.

2. Go to Tools->Preferences and check "This mail file belongs to:" field under User Configuration section. Note: Notes 5.x may use


3. Set "This mail file belongs to:" field to the Unity subscriber's name.

4. For Lotus DUCS to immediatley recognize this change, the following tell

"tell" commands must be entered in the Lotus Domino server console window where

the user's mail file is kept:

a) "tell ucadminp flush"

followed by

b) "tell ucadminp refresh"

note: the same effect of Step 4 will occur approximatley once per hour

automatically by Lotus DUCS.

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI not working with domino

Yes, the problem you've described does sound a lot like CSCeb20635 mentioned in the post above.

When troubleshooting MWI problems one of the better troubleshooting steps is to activate DominoMonitor diags (except low-level) then perform some action to cause Domino to push out a notificaiton (leave a new VM, save a VM, delete a VM). The DominoMonitor diags (part of the MsgStoreMonitor process) will contain the XML data of the actual notificaiton received. Among other data present in the notification is the name of owner of the mail file which generated the notificaiton and the name of the mail file itself. If the mail owner field is blank (as in the case of CSCeb20635) or is different than the subscriber expecting the notification then on MWI will occur.

In addition, if the DominoMonitor receives a notificaiton but can not match the receipient in the notificaiton with someone in the database, a warning is printed to the Event Viewer log indicating this occured.

Lastly, do apply all available Engineering Specials available for 4.0(3). There are many fixes to bugs likely to hit the systems out there, including notification bugs. This includes the sometimes long delay in MWI activation/de-activation.

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