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MWI on analog phone using stutter dial on VG248

Someone is telling me that you can use stutter dial or some other method to light up an anolog phone Message waiting indicator using on a VG248. This is with an analog phone that has an Message light on it. Is this possible and if so is it possible using and ATA with Call Manager?

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Re: MWI on analog phone using stutter dial on VG248

Hi Shane,

This does work with the VG248, we have used the "Stutter Dial Tone" on some analog phones and used the actual MWI Lamp on other analog phones with good success. Have a look;

Choosing Message Waiting Indicator Type

The VG248 supports several types of methods for sending MWI messages to analog phones. Because you might have different types of analog phones connected to the VG248, you can modify the MWI type on a per-port basis. So, if you have some analog phones that have MWI lamps on them, you can notify users of awaiting messages using the lamp. Or, you can choose to play a tone when users pick up their phones.

Keep in mind that the VG248 only sends this information to the phones if it is received from Cisco CallManager. If Cisco CallManager is not integrated with your voice mail system, it does not send this information to the VG248.


Step 1 From the main menu, choose Configure.

Step 2 Choose Telephony.

Step 3 Choose Port specific parameters.

Step 4 Use the arrow keys to select the port to configure and press Enter.

Step 5 Choose MWI type.

Step 6 Choose from the following options:

Lamp—illuminates lamp on phone

Caller ID—uses caller ID mechanism to send MWI messages to the LCD screen on phone

Stutter—plays tones when user picks up the phone

Lamp + stutter—illuminates lamp and plays tone

Caller ID + stutter—sends message to LCD screen and plays tone

None—does not send MWI information

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: MWI on analog phone using stutter dial on VG248

This was extremely helpfull, thank you, i guess no such luck with a standard ATA?

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Re: MWI on analog phone using stutter dial on VG248

Hi Shane,

Sorry about that, (didn't read your post fully). We do not use the ATA so I can't verify the functionality first hand,but have a look at the following;

Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco ATA 188 Features

The following list describes the Cisco ATA:

•Contains a single 10 BaseT RJ-45 port and two RJ-11 FXS standard analog telephone ports

•Supports G.711 alaw, G.711 mulaw, and G.723 and G.729a voice codecs

•Uses the Skinny Client Control Protocol

•Converts voice into IP data packets that are sent over a network

•Supports redial, speed dial, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, transfer, conference, voice messaging, message-waiting indication, off-hook ringing, caller-ID, callee-ID, and call waiting caller-ID

From this doc for CCM 4.1.3;

Hope this helps!


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