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MWI on multiple integrations?

We are testing CCM with plans to eventually replace our legacy switch. I have my Unity account setup with the primary extension on the legacy switch and an alternate extension on CCM. I can access voicemail from either system, and can leave messages using either extension, but only the primary extension sets the MWI.

Can I set the system to set the MWI for users with extensions on both switches?

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI on multiple integrations?

I've never done this myself but you should be able to setup multiple types of MWI codes in the switch INI file and then add multiple MWI codes (with appropriate prefix character) on the user's subscriber account on the "messages" page. Check out this post for some info:

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI on multiple integrations?

The "alternate MWI" configuration is possible. If the PBX in question uses DTMF feature access codes for MWI, you might run into some issues if you have the AvSkinnyTSP trying to dial legacy-pbx-style DTMF feature access codes. If you are seeing errors in the event log, or have other questions, let us know.

New Member

Re: MWI on multiple integrations?

The legacy switch uses a serial link to activate MWI, and it work like a charm.

The CCM uses 3098/3099 to activate/deactivate the MWI. For any account, we can use either switch and MWI works fine. If I set an account with an extension on both switches, the MWI is only set on the switch the account is configured to use.

The above link looks like a way to use multiple methods to activate MWI on a single switch, but maybe I am missing something.

This is one of those questions that doesn't really matter to us, as the only person it impacts is me. Once we commit to replacing the legacy switch users will be moved completely, with no one having multiple phones. Until then I need to have two phones, but want only one voicemail account.


Cisco Employee

Re: MWI on multiple integrations?

Cool, if you have a serial link on the PBX for MWI, you are in business. You can get both MWIs to work by setting the Subscriber to "belong" to the Cisco Call Manager switch and do serial lamping via the alternate MWI method that's detailed in the link that is provided. If you try to associate the subscriber with the PBX and have an alternate MWI method for CCM, I would not expect that to work.

Alternate MWIs do not require a dual-switch integration, you only need one switch with 2 MWI methods. Picture your PBX having a PRI trunk to a VOIP gateway to CCM. With a serial link to the PBX for MWI, you really wouldn't need dialogic or a true dual-switch configuration with the support for the serial alternate MWI.

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