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MWI over InterCluster Trunk not Working

I have an Unity Unified 2.4.6 102 install with a Cisco<br>CallManager 3.09 on a MCS platform in the client's main<br>Campus building. This building uses the 42xxx digit range.<br>The integration is TAPI using TSP 28.<br><br>MWI works like a champ within this building.<br><br>I have a second building across the campus in a dorm<br>that has a CallManager 3.07 install on the ICS 7750<br>platform. This buildings uses the 780xx range.<br><br>I have setup a InterCluster Trunk between these buildings.<br>I am not performing any digit manipulation yet.<br><br>I can make calls between sites and externally just fine.<br>MWI does not work in this buildling.<br><br>Both CallManagers are using the same MWI on and off<br>extensions 41999 and 41998.<br><br>The route plan between these is simple, on the 3.09<br>CallManager there is a route pattern aiming 78xxx traffic<br>to Building B, and the 3.07 CallManager has a route pattern<br>aiming 4xxxx traffic to Building A.<br><br>Thoughts? Ideas?<br><br><br><br>


Re: MWI over InterCluster Trunk not Working

Unity does not support integrating with multiple CallManager clusters for this very reason.

When Unity attempts to light a phones lamp it goes off hook as that phone. It then dials the MWI on DN. Since CallManager has no knowledge of the phone across the Inter-Cluster trunk it will return reorder tone to the Unity system. The end result is that MWI will not work.

We are working on a few different methods to make this work but it currently is not supported.

Keith Chambers
Customer Support Engineer
Cisco Systems

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