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MWI rings phones

Hi ,just put in a unity to a call manager 3.0.10 with TSP 3.0.3 ,all works great except when a message is left instead of the mwi light coming on the phone just rings. The unity monitor shows MWI call with the source tele number but says its busy ,the debug from the call manager shows normal call to phone from voice mail ie no MWI light on message. The manual phone test works OK ,any ideas ? <br><br>


Re: MWI rings phones

Either the incorrect switch file is selected or the SA ports page does not have the correct port assignment set for the Cisco Call Manager ports.

The reason why Unity is calling extensions is because it is trying to do MWI. Once again, it thinks that this is an analog integration, and MWIs are done differently with CallManager integration as opposed to analog integration. The MIU sees the answer of the call as a "collision" and rolls to the main greeting.

Check the switch file from the SA switch page and if the dongle is keyed for multiple integrations, check the SA ports page. Make sure you have a Call Manager file selected and not "Defaults" or some other phone system.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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