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MWI takes to long to light

How long is it reasonable to wait for the light to light? I have setup a pilot with a single CM (v.3.0.9) and a Unity server (v. There are only 6 phones currently, and it is detached from the rest of the network. <br>The MWI is taking anwhere from 1.5 min. to 4.5 min to light or to go off after the message has been checked. I have used it in a production environment and it does not take more than a couple of seconds to go on or off. Resynching or refreshing does not seem to speed it up. <br>I have looked at the MWI troubleshooting guide posted, but the symptoms are different.<br><br>Paco Violante<br><br>


Re: MWI takes to long to light

I'm getting very similar problems from a new installation. CCM is 3.09 w/SP A and Unity is 2.4.6 102. MWI sometimes comes on and never goes off after playing/deleting messages. Sometimes it never comes on at all. Once, as soon as MWI went off the phone reset. I've checked & rechecked the MWIon/off DNs, CallManager IPs, etc. on both CCM and Unity. I even rebuilt the Unity box from scratch thinking my first install went wonky. I thought I'd try here before I open a case w/TAC.


Re: MWI takes to long to light

How many Unity subscribers do you have? Did you run the Exchange Optimizer on the Unity system after adding them?

Unity has multiple MAPI treads open to each subscribers mailbox. When we run out of MAPI treads some funky things can start going on. The most popular is that MWI gets flaky.

One of the functions of the Exchange Optimizer is to adjust amount of MAPI treads allowed. When you add a large amount of users to Unity you should always run the Exchange Optimizer. The Optimizer can be found from Start --> Programs --> Microsoft Exchange.

When running the Exchange Optimizer, I usually take the amount of Unity subscriber I have and multiply them by 3. I plug that value in to a ‘Users on this server’ radio button. So if I have 200 Unity subscribers I would choose the ‘500 – 999’ option. That is all I adjust. Usually the other defaults are fine.


Keith Chambers
Customer Support Engineer
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Re: MWI takes to long to light

I have run Optimizer and only have 15 subscribers...any other suggestions?

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