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** MWI trouble shooting guide **

There's been enough questions about MWI functionality with CM that I'm going to make Aaron's post here "sticky" (i.e. it'll stay at the top of the list) for a few weeks.<br><br>-JL<br>==========================================<br><br>Common CallManager 3.0+ and Unity MWI configuration issues<br><br>Overview:<br>This guide will be helpful in diagnosing MWI problems in CallManager 3.0 integration that are caused by CallManager and Unity configuration issues. It will not be helpful in diagnosing Exchange problems. <br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Symptom: <br>MWIs don't work and have never worked on the system. Restarting the Unity server does not fix the problem.<br><br>Possible Problems:<br>1. MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn have not been set in the CallManager or the CallManager has not been restarted so these values get updated. (NOTE: To set the MessagWaitingOnDn and MessagWaitingOffDn go to the "CallManager Administrator"->Services->"Service Parameters". Select your CallManager in the left pane and then choose Cisco CallManager in the right pane. Change MessageWaitingOnDn and hit the update button. Change MessageWaitingOffDn and hit the update button. Repeat this process for each CallManager in the cluster. These CallManagers have to be restarted before these values take affect.) <br><br>2. A Route Plan includes the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn. For example, a route plan sends all number starting with '9' to a gateway and the MessageWaitingOnDn is "99991".<br><br>3. The MWI settings for subscribers are incorrect. In the "Unity Administrator"->Subscribers->Messages page, the "Use MWI for Message notification" should be checked and the Extension should be set to either "X." (An "X" says to use the subscribers extension when setting the MWI. It could also have the actual extension of the subscribers phone, but this should be the same as the extension.)<br><br>4. The MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn have not been set in the AvCiscoTsp or Unity has not been restarted so these changes take affect. On Win2k go to "Control Panel"->"Phone and Modem options"->"Advanced" Tab. On NT4.0, go to "Control Panel"->"Telephony". Choose the AvCiscoTsp and hit "config." Choose the connection to the CallManager and hit "settings." Make sure the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn are set correctly. You need to restart Unity before these values. If you are running into MWIs problems, I would reboot the server just to make sure.<br><br>Verify:<br>1,2. Put an IP phone in the same call search space and device pool as Unity. Try to dial the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn from that phone. If they work correctly then you have another problem. If you get reorder then the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn is probably not setup on the CallManager correctly. If you dial the whole string and have not gotten reorder yet, then your route plan is causing the problem. <br><br>3. Run \Commserver\TechTools\StatusMonitor.exe. Make sure "Display" is checked and choose "Start All Monitors". Go to "Unity Administrator"->Subscribers->Messages page and hit the "Refresh status button. You should see a "Dialing" (MWI) 'X' message in the display window. If you see this message then the MWI setting for the subsriber is correct.<br><br>4. Double-check the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn in the Service Parameters of all the CallManager servers and in the AvCiscoTsp configuration. Make sure they are identical. Restart the CallManager servers and the Unity server. If this does not fix the problem, then something else is causing the problem.<br><br>5) Make sure to spell the names of the devices correctly in the TSP Configuration dialog in the Control Panel, particularly if your Call Manager system has auto-registration enabled. When you add the VM Ports to Call Manager, they will typically be named MyTest-VIXX, where XX is a one-based port index. When you configure the TSP to use those ports on your Unity machine, if you mis-spell the names, bad things will happen. When you push the Test button to verify your settings, what will actually happen is that when we ask Call Manager if those device names are valid, it will assume we want to add new devices, but it will create them as phones rather than VM ports, and Unity won't recieve any notification of this happening. Then, when you try to start Unity using those device names, the TSP & the Miu will report initialization problems, and it can be hard to track down the reason for the failure. You can disable auto-registration on Call Manager to avoid this problem, and also preliminary testing indicates that EVVBU fixed this issue in Bravo.<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Symptom: <br>MWIs work for a while but stop working completely. Restarting Unity fixes the problem. The site has a primary and failover CallManager.<br><br>Possible Problems:<br>1. MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn have not been set on the failover CallManager or the failover CallManager has not been restarted so these values get updated. And Unity has reconnected to failover server for some reason. When you restart Unity or reset the AvCiscoTsp then Unity reconnects back to the primary CallManager and MWIs start working.<br><br>Verify:<br>Bring the primary callManager offline and then try to dial the MessageWaitingOnDn and MessageWaitingOffDn. If you get reorder then this is the problem.<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Symptom: <br>MWIs work intermittently. Sometimes when you get a new message then and the MWI is not getting set. <br><br>Possible Problems:<br>1. MWIs might be out of synq do to errors while setting the MWIs. This could happen if all the CallManagers are offline when the MWI status changes. This could also happen if the MWIs configuration was incorrectly set in the past. <br><br>Verify:<br>Go to the "Unity Administrator"->switch page and hit the "Resync now" button. You should also setup it up to resync MWIs every day at about 3 am. This should help resolve this problem in the future.<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Symptom: <br>Unity is connected to two CallManagers on different clusters. MWIs only work on phones connected to one cluster.<br><br>Problem:<br>This is currently an unsupported configuration.<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br><br><br><br>Aaron Belcher<br>Software Engineer<br>Active Voice<br>

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