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MWI Troubleshooting

For the last couple of months, a strange thing has happened with my MWIs for new subscribers. When I add a new subscriber, my MWIs will not light when a new message has been left. MWI will go on and off with code at phone. I have sent trace files to TAC and checked Status Monitor tool on Unity and all seems to be doing fine, but the light will not go on. After playing around with it, I have found a workaround, if I create the subscriber as usual, save the entry, then go in and change the extention to a different, random, (not used) number, save it, then change extention back to the original, and save it, the MWI works fine. I am running G711 and Call Manager 3.0(8) All phones are configured the same and in the same location. TAC says they don't know what the problem is and recommends an upgrade, but I'd like to figure out what happened first, since everything was going fine for 8 months before this started happening. Has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks!!!! Jason<br><br>


Re: MWI Troubleshooting

How was the Unity subscriber created? SA add, import? How is the subscriber template set up for MWI? "X"? When you said you had changed the number, and then changed it back, did you change it back to "X" or to the actual DN, say "1234"?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: MWI Troubleshooting

Steve, the subscriber was an SA add, Names and alias was totally new. On the messages screen, I had previously tried to replace the "X" with the DN number and it worked once, but no longer after that. To make it work I must perform the procedure I explained on the original post in the actual DN field under Subscriber profile. Hope this helps, Thanks Again!! Jason


Re: MWI Troubleshooting

hmmm... after adding a user and the MWIs stop working for them, are you able to see MWI on/offs going out at all when you toggle messages for that user? I'd be curious to know if lamp codes are going out and are for the incorrect station and/or badly formatted somehow or if lamp codes aren't kicking out at all.

If you can get a user in this state, check the status monitor for MWI activity and force a message in that user's box to go from read to unread and back and see if a lamp code goes out at all...

if not, does it kick anything out when you hit the "refresh lamp status" button for that user?

If not, we should kick on some notifier/monitor traces and see how far up/down the foodchain the problem goes.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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Re: MWI Troubleshooting

I got the same problem but i create user with the import tool fom exchange server, i change the mwi dn with an X and it restart. I don't why.

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