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MWI Troubleshooting

I have a subscriber's MWI that is not flashing when a voice mail message is placed into her mailbox. I've used the Unity troubleshooting guide with no success. What are my options? <br><br>


Re: MWI Troubleshooting

If this is a Call Manager integration, the first stop is Aaron's MWI troubleshooting post on the IP forum:

If that doesn't work for you do these things to try and narrow the problem donw:

1. Activate a notification device (i.e. the home phone) and see if you can get it to dial out when this user's mailbox. If the mailbox has a new message in it, you should just be able to disable then enable the notification device and force it to dial out.

If that works then you know you have an MWI configuration issue for that user or the system as a whole (I kinda doubt this since you didn't mention lights weren't working for everyone). Make sure you can manually dial the lamp code for that phone from a Unity port (if applicable)

2. On the messages page for that subscriber try hitting the "refresh status" button for the MWI. This will force the notifier to try and log into the mailbox if, for whatever reason, it got logged out. It'll also force a lamp to go out for the user... if it can't log in, however, an error should pop up in the event log and the lamp that goes out may not reflect the status of the inbox (i.e. we send the lamp on/off depending on what we thought the last status of the MWI was). You need to see if the lamp is going out at all, not just look at the MWI on the phone... use the integration monitor for this or the StatusMonitor.exe in Unity\TechTools if this is a CM integration.

3. If the refresh doesn't work and the notification device doesn't work, we're obviously having problems logging into that user's mailbox with the notifier. Assuming they can check messages over the phone, this would be rather odd.

If you get to #3, I strongly suggest you contact TAC and get a ticket open. We've had a couple of sites recently run into similiar problems and the more data points sustaining engineering gets the more likely they'll be able to find the root cause.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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