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MWI Turns off after first new message is checked via Notes!

When users have multiple voice messages waiting in their Notes inbox, Unity shuts off the MWI after the first message is checked even though there are still new messages. On the MWI white paper, it is explained that the MWI will turn off only after all messages have been opened and are then marked read in the Notes inbox. We are running Unity in three global locations and this is happening at all sites. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know!


Breck Powell

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI Turns off after first new message is checked via Notes!

First off, what version of Unity is being run and what, if any, Engineering Specials have been applied?

When a user logs into their mailbox from the telephone, does Unity give the same new and saved message count (or total message count) as what is observed in the Notes Inbox (or Voice Inbox)? For example, if a user has two new voice messages and three saved voice messages visible in their Notes Voice Inbox, does Unity give the same count?

You can also look in the hidden view ($UCInbox) by opening the mail database with a control-shift to observe how Unity will see the message count upon initial login. This is the ONLY view used by Unity to retrieve voice message counts. The view contains a column named UCUnseen. A value of zero for a particular message means Unity will see that message as 'saved' or 'read.' A value of '1' means Unity sees it as a 'new' or 'unread' message.

New Member

Re: MWI Turns off after first new message is checked via Notes!

We are running 4.0(3) and no Engineering Specials have been applied.

When logging into mailbox via phone, Unity does not give the same count for new messages.

The $UCInbox shows one voice message marked with 1, however there area actually three messages that are unread in the "normal" view of the voice inbox.

Thanks for your fast response. Let me know what I can do from here.

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI Turns off after first new message is checked via Notes!

First, I strongly encourage you to download all available Engineering Specials (ES) for Unity for Domino. The ES's contain numerous, desirable fixes. Cisco TAC can obtain these for you.


From your description it seems there exist voice messages which do not appear in the $UCInbox view. You say you see one voice message in $UCInbox marked with "1" - Unity will "see" that as a new message. The other three unread (i.e. new) voice messages DO NOT appear in $UCInbox. Correct? If that is the case, then the mail router on the server containing that particular DUCs enabled mail file is not placing a field named "UCInbox" on each (or at least some) voice messages. The field UCInbox should have a value of "1."

You can verify this by viewing the document properties of a suspect voice message. If it does not contain the field "UCInbox" then it will NEVER appear in the view $UCInbox. You can further verify this is a problem by creating a Simple Agent in the mail file database to place a field named UCInbox on the voice message with a value of "1." It should now appear in the view $UCInbox and Unity will see it as either a new or saved voice message.

This may or may not be the root cause of the MWI problem but is certainly a problem.

What To Do:

If the mail router is not placing "UCInbox" on the voice messages that is a problem with the DUCS software and a case should be opened with Lotus. Cisco TAC can help you get in contact with Lotus if needed. Before doing so, please verify whether

1) this problem occurs for ALL users on ALL mail servers or just some users on particular servers.

2) this problem occurs for ALL new voice messages at this point or is intermittant.

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