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MWI will not light more than 1 extension

We use unity for two purposes Schedules and VoiceMail.<br><br>I have two different users using 1 phone. Their directory numbers on the phone differ from that in unity. When unity wants to ring line 1 or 2, on the phone, it sends the call to 8595 and 8596, respectively. <br><br>i.e. Line 1 and 2 are DN's on the phone, while unity mailboxes for lines 1 and 2 are 2245 and 2246, respectively.<br><br>i have tried to put in the DN's that ring lines 1 and 2 as well. i.e. Under Subscribers > Messages > MWI's i have:<br>1. check the box " use mwi for notification "<br>2. Tried entering an X <br>3. Tried entering 8595<br><br>Niether works. I can from the phone dial the 1999 (mwi on) and 1998 (mwi off) and it works.<br><br>The voice mail ports have the appropriate partitions in the calling search space. Any Idea's?<br><br><br>Northrop Grumann<br>Jose Cantu - CCNP,CCNA,CCDA,MCP,A+,Net+<br>Phone: 512-633-5396<br>Email:


Re: MWI will not light more than 1 extension

What do your event logs show on the Unity box? How about in Status Monitor, does that show a port actually trying to lamp the devices? If yo uare using CCM, what version? Voicemail profiles become important to the operation of MWI in CCM 3.2.
Does a transfer from unity to one of those lines work? Are you using translation patterns to get there? Do you have the Service Parameters in CCM configured to allow Unity to use translations for MWI? Can you configure another phone with the same CSS as the VM Ports and see if you can dial the lines in question then?

Post some more info on your config.

Edited by cdorwin on 5/29/02 12:00 PM.

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