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Name Dir Handler and dial "0" option for multiple sites...

Customer has 6 locations sharing one centralized Unity vmail system and

the Default Opening Greeting Handler dial "0" option is setup to send callers to

a submenu handler for caller to choose the specific location for operator assistance, instead of a default operator for all locations...

Within Unity 313a, is it possible to define where to route a caller who has reached the Name Dir Handler, misdialed a name, then opted to "0" out?

Even though the system points caller to the Opening Greeting Handler under this condition, when caller presses "0", Unity xfers them to the default operator handler, and not to the submenu handler that was setup for the Opening Greeting Handler...thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Name Dir Handler and dial "0" option for multiple sites...

No, currently the SA does not expose the "zero destination" settings on the directory handler pages. There is logic under the covers for being able to map the 0 key off the directory handler to go where you want it to just like the "exit destination" is already for the directory handler but it's simply not exposed on the administration interface. If you pop open DOHPropTest and click on the name lookup handler you'll actually see this information as a set of three properties that start with "AVP_ZERO_" I know... annoying.

I've gotten several requests for this type of functionality and if I ever get 2 or 3 uninterrupted days (fat chance) I'm going to add this logic into the Audio Text Manager. This will be especially important when 4.0 releases later this year and supports multiple directory handlers - folks will really want to be able to map the 0 key functionality for those and this will still not be exposed on the SA for 4.0.

I'm hip deep in a bunch of tools updates for the 4.0 release and in that process I do intend to update ATM to include exposing this option for directory handler. If you're in a real jam over this and have some of that Lewis and Clark in you, email me at and I'll tell you how to do this manually using DOHPropTest (no, this is not TAC supported - this is a "do-at-your-own-risk" kind of thing).

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