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NAT IP2IP Gateway to Verizon

We have:

Verizon Voice Network --> My edge Router --> IP2IP Gateway

The IP2IP gateway and edge router ethernet interfaces are sitting in our internal netowrk.

The Verizon Network is a PIP network and we will only receive traffic from their peer router and two addresses.

We can lock everything else down and only allow SIP, RTP and BGP in from Verizon.

Verizon wants us to advertise our IP2IP Gateway address (internal address space on our Voice network) so they can route to it. The BGP comes in because it is being used in a failover scenario.

My question is since I can lock this down, do I still need to NAT the address space and if so, can this cause problems with our Voice traffic in any way?

Are there any potential problems with NATing the address from the edge router that will be passing th RTP or SIP traffic?

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