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National Number prefix

I have an MGCP gateway with multiple PRIs.

I m using National number prefix to prefix a 91 before incoming calling numbers so that users need not prefix a 91 in the missed calls list on ip phone.

Is there a way to prefix only a 9 for local calls, while prefixing 91 for long distance calls ? (without having to configure this gateway as a H323 gateway.


Re: National Number prefix

I wish...I poked around on this one for a while with no luck. H.323 is your only options.

adignan - berbee

New Member

Re: National Number prefix

I was able to get my carrier to take all calls local and long distance as 10 digit dialed. So I present all calls the same way to the carrier and the carrier decides if they are forwarded to the LOCAL, or IXC. This works well on a DMS-100 if the carrier knows what they are doing. I also have my employees dial the same for every single call made, local or long distance 9+1+NPA-NXX-XXXX. This way the speed dials work no matter what office they login for EM. Took a while for them to get used to it, now they say, this is easy, I don't have to think about how to dial. One carrier was unable to provide this functionality in Boca Raton on a Siemens Class-5 Switch.

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