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Need a replacement server

What model of HP DL380 server can be used to run callmanager on that is not Cisco branded? Here is the deal, we hit the limit on certain things and need an additional server yesterday. It say's in the docs customer provided server, but doesnt specify which model of DL380, and there are several, G3 G4 etc. IT is running 4.1(3) of callmanager.

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Re: Need a replacement server

There are very specific models which are supported by CCM. Be aware that the install disks will perform a hardware check when you re-install, and if the server does not match the supported spec, the install will abort. Also its worth remembering that strictly speaking you can't just replace your CCM for an increased spec (i.e. single CPU to dual CPU) without also upgrading your license. Anyway here's the published list of DL support.

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Re: Need a replacement server

Well I got a DL380-G3 with the 2.4 processors and same drives as the MCS7835, only difference was it didnt have a DVD drive. I got a DVD drive for it, and the quickbuilder launched OK, got the install disk OS2, got halfway through the PowerQuest Drive Image Pro Scripting process and came up with Error #1838, Script contains an invalid drive number. I dont know what that means, or if I set something up wrong during bootup. I think I have the drives in the correct order. If it was a hardware problem I think the Quickbuilder would have said so and quit. I know it did it when I tried to install it on a DL320 G3 which had a SATA controller.

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