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Need config to Seized the Particular line


I have E1 Pri Line and i have config dial-peer on my 3745 router

dial-peer vo 5 pots

destination-pattern 740T

and config the route pattern in call manager 740.! with discard digit PREDOT. but when dial no 740 and after that any pstn no to seize particular line but it matches another dial-peer with destination pattern .T Kindly help me to resolve this issue. I am attaching the config of the router also.


Anil Kadam

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Re: Need config to Seized the Particular line

You said you configured CCM to dicard the predot, that means the 740 will be stripped down and only the remaining dialed digits will be forwarded to the GW. If you want to send the 740 to the GW then don't strip any digits on CCM, and POTS dial-peer strips all matched digits, so in your case if you passed 7401234 to the GW, the GW would only pass 1234 to the PSTN, if for any reason you want the 740 to be sent to PSTN then add "prefix 740" command on the dial-peer.


Community Member

Re: Need config to Seized the Particular line

HI Chris

When i select discard digit to none in CCM and when i dial no then i recieve the busy signal the call is not getting through. I have run the debug command and its matches partiucular dial-peer. When i kept discard digit to predot then call is getting through but its taking different dial-peer and pri line. Kindly help me how do i resolve this issue.


Anil Kadam

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