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New Member

Need help with configuring QoS


We are in the process of implementing MPLS for our WAN links so that we can run VoIP between 9 locations in the USA and I have lots of questions regarding how to configure QoS.

We have a dedicated E1 connection to our headquarters in Germany. This location houses all of our SAP servers.

In each location in the US, we will be using Avaya IP telephones and media gateways for voice communications. We also have some Polycom units in the field for video confererncing.

How would I begin to configure QoS for these network connections.

I was planning on using IP precedence or DSCP for marking the traffic and prioritizing as follows.

Highest Priority: Voice and video

2nd Highest: SAP and Oracle traffic

Default priority: Lotus notes, www access

Here are some questions that I have:

1- For voice/video, which DSCP values or IP precedence values do I use?

2- How do I assign voice/video to the LLQ queue?

3- For SAP, what is the best way to mark the SAP traffic? From my understanding, SAP uses a variety of ports.

4- For SAP and Oracle, should I use the CBWFQ queus? Is that preferable over other queues for this traffic?

5- Should I make another classification of traffic for things like signaling for Voice and TFTP/FTP?

6- If so for #5, what IP precedence/DSCP value(s) should I use and which queuing mechanism should I use?

Thanks for the help in advance. At this point, you can probably tell that I am a newbie to QoS.



Re: Need help with configuring QoS

I can answer a few since i have a ton of avaya ip phones deployed.

1)personally i leave both bearer and signaling in same queue at 46 (Diffserv) and 5 (COS) Video would be 40/4.

2)sample config:

class-map match-all voip-fr

match ip dscp 46 (all traffic that have DSCP 46)

class-map match-all vovid-fr

match ip dscp 40(all traffic that have DSCP 40)

policy-map llq

class voip-fr

priority 100 (Reserve 100Kbps priority bw for DSCP 46)

class vovid-fr

bandwidth 300 (Reserve 300Kbps non-priority bw for DSCP 40)

class class-default


Serial Interface 0/0

service-policy output llq (Apply policy map to voice and signaling


5) nope. leave tftp and data in the default queue

Also, since you are deploying Avaya IPT make sure you look at this document. great document i used.

New Member

Re: Need help with configuring QoS

Hi Kleo,

Thank you very much for the information. This has been very helpful.

Now that I have some more information for the voice stuff, I am researching how prioritize our SAP and Oracle traffic over the default stuff. I'm thinking that it will be easist to specify an access-list to list what address ranges and port ranges that should be prioritized.

I think I was trying to identify our different traffic classes via the same mechanism (all DSCP, or all IP precedence, or all access-lists). Not sure if that is the best way to do it.

Thanks again for the help.



Re: Need help with configuring QoS

Hi Pete,

A good way to capture all your SAP and Oracle traffic is to use Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR). You use match statements such as the following to match on SAP/Oracle sql*net traffic:

match protocol sap

match protocol sqlnet

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.


New Member

Re: Need help with configuring QoS

Hi Paresh,

Which version of IOS support :

match protocol sap

I am using cisco 2811, IOS Version 12.3(11)T3, I can't seem to find this command?

Thank you,


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