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Need Help with MGCP


We have about 50 PSTN gateways that are registered to a centralized callmanager using MGCP.

We recently did an upgrade and found out that some of the gateways were registered to the publisher and would not work, we had reboot the publisher to get them to register to the subscriber.

At the present time, we are pointing to the subscriber as the primary call agent and the publisher is the config server.

Also, i noticed that on some of the mgcp gateways when i do i "show mgcp statistics", i only see one gateway. Why would that happen.

Please could someone tell me best practices in MGCP so that i do not have to reboot servers to make the gateways register with the right server.



Re: Need Help with MGCP

You can restart the MGCP process in the router using the

no mgcp


commands. This way you don't need to reboot servers.



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Re: Need Help with MGCP


The problem is more complicated than you think. It is not a question of stopping and starting mgcp on the router, we have over 100 PSTN gateways, i can not be going this for all the routers. The question is what does rebooting the subscriber force the gateway to register with the publisher and what should i add to the config so that when the subscriber does come back up the gateway should register back to the subscriber. Any Cisco Best practices would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Need Help with MGCP

Hi Parwal,

There must be command in your MGCP gateway where it says :

(config)#ccm-manager redundant-host [ip-address |

dns-name] [ip-address | dns-name]

(config)#ccm-manager switchback {graceful | immediate

|schedule-time hh:mm | uptime-delay minutes}

above is the command we issue our gateway to register with secondary or primary in case primary or secondary goes down.

Switchover (Failover)

Cisco IOS gateways can maintain links to up to two backup Cisco Unified CallManager servers in addition to a primary Cisco Unified CallManager. This redundancy enables a voice gateway to switchover to a backup if the gateway loses communication with the primary. The backup server takes control of the devices that are registered with the primary Cisco Unified CallManager. The second backup takes control of the registered devices if both the primary and first backup Cisco Unified CallManager fail. The gateway preserves existing connections during a switchover to a backup Cisco Unified CallManager.

When the primary Cisco Unified CallManager server becomes available again, control reverts to that server. Reverting to the primary server can occur immediately, after a configurable amount of time, or only when all connected sessions are released.


Switchback is the process a voice gateway uses to reestablish communication with the primary Cisco Unified CallManager server when the server becomes available again. Switchback can occur immediately, at a specified time after the last active call ends, or after a specified length of time.

Let me know if this helps.

Cheers :)


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Re: Need Help with MGCP

Thank you very much for the response. My config shows me that i have a redundant host set which is the publisher in my case as the primary agent is subscriber, but, i do not see the

"(config)#ccm-manager switchback {graceful | immediate " command

is there is a default is i do not see the switchback command in the config, will the gateway not rehome to the primary if this command is absent.


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Re: Need Help with MGCP

Hi parwal,

See it should be there in config and the recommnend practice is you should set it to graceful instead of immediate bcoz in a gracefull state once the server will come back it will wait for the calls to end and then it will register with the rite server however if you will set it to immediate it will drop an ongoin calls and then will register to the server..

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Re: Need Help with MGCP

if you nee more info you can reach me directly at

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Re: Need Help with MGCP

Hi Parwal,

How is everything goin on ....

Let me know if tha helps

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