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New Member

Need to add mobile (cell) phone in corporate directory via LDAP

Hello All

Can I just start by saying that I am not a developer so expect some dumb questions to follow.

We have cucm 6.1 and am using ldap sync to AD. The problem is that we would like to query the mobile phone field within AD and present it on the phone when the directory button is pressed.

Is this possible ?

From what I have read in the forums I have to create another directory ???

I have downloaded the sdk 4.1 and tried to copy the asp files from the following directory C:\CiscoIPServices\ASP\ldap

I have replaced the variables

var s = new ActiveXObject("LDAPSEARCH.LDAPSearchList");

s.server = "";

s.searchbase = "ou=people,";


var s = new ActiveXObject("LDAPSEARCH.LDAPSearchList");

s.server = "";

s.searchbase = "ou=users,ou=demo,dc=demo,dc=voyager,dc=net,dc=uk";

s.SetOutputTitle("ActiveX Directory Search", 45);

s.SetOutputPrompt("Records %s to %e of total %c", 45);

s.AddReturnAttr("givenName,sn","Name","%1,%2", 20);

s.AddreturnAttr("telephonenumber","Telephone","%1", 20);

s.AddreturnAttr("mobile","Mobile","%1", 20);

s.Addreturnattr("mail","Email","%1", 20);

s.AddSortingAttr("telephonenumber", 1);


I made these changes to all the asp files and referenced them all in a file called test_main.asp. Which is similar to the ASP_main.asp.

I have run the regsvr32 LDAPSearch.dll and have added the following url to the phones directory url field ttp:// Where is my AD and IIS server (demounity.demo).

The phone only display the Missed, received and places calls when I press the directory button. The corporate directory is missing.

Are there any steps that I am missing or am I barking up the wrong tree all together

to achieve what I need to ?

I have also configured the CiscoUrlproxy for what reason I don't really understand.




Re: Need to add mobile (cell) phone in corporate directory via L


First of all, your test_main.asp will need to have a CiscoIPPhoneMenu response. In there you need a MenuItem pointing to your custom ldap search, but it will need to return a CiscoIPhoneInput object, this is where a user will put his search criteria.

This input will need to be send to your results page, which will need to return a CiscoIPPhoneDirectory object.

You cannot just add a mobile phone however, you could maybe have a menuitem again for every entry, and have a directory result for the selected user with 2 entries, telephone and mobile..??

New Member

Re: Need to add mobile (cell) phone in corporate directory via L

Does anyone have the code for xmldirectoryinput.jsp ?

Re: Need to add mobile (cell) phone in corporate directory via L

Since the CCM is a black box now, unless you pull out a HD and mount it on another Linux box where you have full access, or booting from a Linux boot CD there's no way to access the file system.

However, you posted an ASP sample so I'm not sure if a jsp (java server page) would help you a lot - there's also no way of telling how much logic will be in the jsp page and how much logic will be behind in a compiled class - e.g. my own directories only have very basic logic (reading input, writing output, limit the number of results per page) and everything else is done in a bunch of jar files - so using them would only work if you can restrict yourself to doing exactly what my frontend page does.

New Member

Re: Need to add mobile (cell) phone in corporate directory via L

Hello Stephan

What I would like to do is allow the user to choose another directory with corporate mobile phone lookup. So I need the script to read the input, query the active directory "mobile" phone attribute and output the result on the phone.

Is your program similar ?