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Need to determine if any agents are available at all

My customer wants a very simple call routing scheme. If there are no agents online then transfer to voicemail. If all agents are online but busy with other callers put caller in queue and send caller to next availbale agent.

I can't figure out how to check if ANY agents are available before queueing them.

If you take the sample ICD.aef file how would you modify it to accomplish the task?

In the ACD.aef file, I think I need to somehow see the agent satus before letting the call go the to the "select resource" step. If it gets there it will be queued if no agents are online. The customer only wants the caller to queue if all agents are busy.

Any hints ? Thanks


Re: Need to determine if any agents are available at all

Add an Integer variable, something like "agentsLoggedIn". Then use the "Get Reporting Statistic" step. Under the "Get Reporting Statistic" step properties:

* Report Object: use "CSQ ICD"

* Field: "Logged-In Resources"

* Row Identifier: the quoted name of your CSQ or a string variable containing the CSQ name

* Statistic Variable: agentsLoggedIn (or whatever)

This will leave you with an Integer variable with the number of agents logged in in that CSQ. You can test that variable for equality to zero with an If step and then branch to whatever activity you find appropriate, including transfer to voicemail.

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