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Needing 2 operators setup

I am needing to setup 2 operaters so some users can have 1 extension when 0 is press and other users can have a different extension when 0 is pressed.<br><br>


Re: Needing 2 operators setup

Doing "area operators" is possible... it's a matter of changing one group of subscriber's "0" user input key mapping to transfer to another subscriber or call handler. By default 0 is mapped to the "operator call handler" created by setup but you can change this easily.

You can setup templates for subscribers in different "operator areas" that have this already setup and when you make your subscribers you just use the right template. If you've already created your users you can use the BulkEdit utility off my web page to change large groups of them over based on their COS assignment, membership in a distribution list, extension range, pulled in from a CSV etc...

You need to do this for call handlers processing outside calls as well (i.e. if you have audio text applications setup routing calls around). Most folks doing area operator scenarios have call routing rules that dump inbound calls to different opening greeting call handlers (or audio text trees) based on the dialed number or the port hit on the Unity server. If you're only doing DID forward to voice mail then this isn't necessary.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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