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Netmeeting and Call Manager interaction

I have read that Netmeeting can be used as call manager endpoint.

I have read the System & Admin guides on how to do this.

However, I do not understand how does call manager "talk" to netmeeting ?

Is it not required to use a gatekeeper when H.323 clients that do not use the skinny protocol are configured as cisco phone extensions ?

If no gatekeeper is involved, how will netmeeting know how to resolve a cisco phone directory number (unless it uses call manager as a gateway) ?

Moreover, how will cisco phones be able to dial netmeeting extensions as they would not know the IP address ?

Also, in the Admin & System guides, nowhere does it link an ip address of a netmeeting client to a directory number.

So call manager has no idea of netmeetings IP addr unless netmeeting "registers" with some common entity visible to the rest of the call manager platform.

Does netmeeting use SCCP in addition to H.323 ?

Does Call Manager implement a gatekeeper internally ?

Does Call Manager act as a gateway when Netmeeting tries to call cisco IP phones by Directory Numbers ?

Can anyone throw some more light on this.


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Re: Netmeeting and Call Manager interaction

Call Manager does not require a gatekeeper to use H.323 gateways. And Netmeeting is software that allows your PC to talk H.323 to other devices.

The ten cent tour on useing Netmeeting with Call Manager is this:

Add a H.323 gatway in your Call Manager with the IP address of the PC running Netmeeting (this is a pain if using DHCP).

Add a route pattern in your Call Manager for the extenstion that you want this PC to have and point the route pattern to the gateway you just created.

On the PC running netmeeting go into Options and on the general tab click the 'advanced calling' button. Check the box to use a 'Gateway' to make calls to other phones and put in the IP address of the Call manager in that box.

viola, that is the easy way to do it. when an IP phone calls the extension of the netmeeting client the call manager uses the route pattern you created to send the call over to him. When the PC running netmeeting calls another phone netmeeting is know configured to go the Call manager when making calls to other phones.

This has nothing to do with gatekeeper it is just two H.323 endpoints talking to one another.

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Re: Netmeeting and Call Manager interaction

Thanks, but your reply raises some more questions.

1. IP Phones may use SCCP instead of H.323.

So does Call Manager perform some translation

between protocols ?

2. As per what you state, Call Manager IS infact a

H.323 Gateway ??? Or does it function more like

a Proxy for Netmeeting to complete its call ?

In short, is it true to say that Call Manager

acts like a H.323 to Skinny Protocol Gateway ?



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Re: Netmeeting and Call Manager interaction

Personal opinion here is that Callmanager is a complete protocol gateway. It handles all the translations for the protocols. You can deduce this since it alllows a SCCP Phone to talk to a h.323 gateway when you use a 1751 router with a FXO port using h.323.

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