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Netmeeting / CCM Issues - Calls go one way only?

OK, this is beating me up, I could use some insight.... I have a CCM 3.1(3a) cluster and Netmeeting 3.01. I have defined a H.323 phone, assigned it a DN, and I can call the Netmeeting client from IP Phones with no problem. On the Netmeeting side, I have the IP of one of the CallManagers set as a gateway. When I try to make a call to an IP Phone DN (i.e. 7144), it just sits with the message "Waiting for a response from 7144".

When I look at the phone configuration for the H.323 client, it has the IP address of the Netmeeting client listed as the current IP address, and I can call Netmeeting from actual phones. Any ideas on why I can't call from Netmeeting back to a regular phone?


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Re: Netmeeting / CCM Issues - Calls go one way only?

It looks like your configuration is fine. Check out the following option:

Go to Tools>Options>Security>General

Make sure that you have the following option unchecked:

Outgoing Calls - I prefer to make secure outgoing calls

Hope this helps


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Re: Netmeeting / CCM Issues - Calls go one way only?

Another way I have done the is by using a gatekeeper. You can register the gatekeeper with CCM and register all your H323 devices with the GK, including a MCU. It is pretty cool you can have a big video conference and also have IP phones join in! The only catch I have seen is you have to use Cisco MCM with CCM. The radvision GK or the one built into the MCU has issues with callmanager.

*** *** growing fast!!!!

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Re: Netmeeting / CCM Issues - Calls go one way only?

Well, as it turns out I was able to make it go by using the IP of the subsciber call manager, not the publisher. Don't know why, since all the services are running on all of our call managers (TCD and so on).

Anyway, it is also a bummer to hear the gatekeeper in the MCU has issues. That was the next thing to tackle. We have a large videoconferece suite, and joining in on that would have been nice. Time to look at other GKs.

Thanks for the help...

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