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NetMeeting ILS with 677 and Soho77


Several dsl users in Denmark reports that Netmeeting and Cisco routers, sad to say it, but it sucks.

At this point the following problems has been found, and in all cases all ports were NATed to the PC used.

1. Users behind Cisco routers are not able, to receive calls made through an ILS server at all.

The dialer receives message that he or she is waiting for response from receiver of the call. The receiver, which in our case is a Cisco user, never receives the notice, that a call is being received.

However calls made by the IP address is fully functioning, unless the terms of the next problem hasn't been fixed.

2. If 2 dsl users have same LAN IP address on their PC's then transmission cannot be made or sustained.

A call made through ILS makes NetMeeting report, that you are trying to call yourself.

A call made by IP makes, connection for a split second, and the call kinda crashes like one part has hung up.

If we change the LAN IP address of one the PC's, then calls can be made by IP, since ILS servers aren't working as stated in part 1.

Just to clarify, in all cases PC's are at 2 different locations. The problem has been tested with 2 different ISP's and the problems are still the same.

The problems have also been tested in the following modes 677<->677, 677<->Soho77 and Soho77<->Soho77.

On 677, both Cbos 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 has been tested, while Soho77 was running IOS 12.1.

I've looked through Cisco's whitepapers, and they all claim that especially ILS servers should work, cause it's a simple NAT term.

But does anyone know, what the problem is, whether it is a Cisco or MS bug?

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Re: NetMeeting ILS with 677 and Soho77

You may want to check with Cisco. Sounds like a bug or configuration issue.

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