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netmeeting with Cisco Gateway

Hi, i need information about how can i do to make calls from Netmeeting to another place through Cisco 3640 Gateway.

I configure the Netmeeting with Cisco Gateway IP, and make call to pots ok.

but when i try to make call to voip peer, i can't do that.

thanks in advance.


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Re: netmeeting with Cisco Gateway

Hello Rodrigo

Here is the link which defines step by step netmeeting config.

Hope that help.


Re: netmeeting with Cisco Gateway

Chances are you have not configured a codec on the router's VOIP dial peer. By default, IOS will use a G729 codec, but Netmeeting does not support this codec type so the codec negotiation will fail. You will need to specify a G723 or G711 codec under the dial peer that points to the Netmeeting client PC, and select this codec type under the netmeeting configs as well. The call from Netmeeting to router works as the router will accept the codec Netmeeting is suggesting.

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Re: netmeeting with Cisco Gateway

yes, but i specify the codec in both side (Netmeeting and Gateway) buy when i place a call, i receive a Alert popup fron netmeeting "the other party did not accept your call"

The gateway configuration is like this:

dial-peer voice 1000 pots

description *** POTS local 000 ***

incoming called-number 000.

destination-pattern 000T


port 1/0:1

prefix ,


dial-peer voice 1210 voip

description *** BRASIL - INNOVA - Triunfo ***

destination-pattern 210....

session target ipv4:

codec g723r53 bytes 220

witch many voip dial-peers that i need to reach with netmeeting.


Re: netmeeting with Cisco Gateway

It is possible Netmeeting does not like the configured packet size of 220 bytes. Set it back to the default of 20 bytes and see if this works. You can then gradually increase it and see what the maximum value is.

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