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Netscape navigator problems

Hi everyone,

Whenever I try to view pages either on Unity or CCM using Netscape Navigator (so far I have tried versions 4.7 and 6.0), I get an authorization failed message. The preferences are configured similarly to Internet options for IE and yet it does not work.

I have since gone back to using IE but it seems rather strange that Navigator would not work (especially since it is the recommended browser for CCO documentation).

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Re: Netscape navigator problems

But none the less CCM and Unity are not Documentation CD's and you need to use IE. As you probably know MS and Netscape do not play well together.

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Re: Netscape navigator problems


I was just wondering if anybody had another explanation apart from the usual "Microsoft s out to get netscape" thing.

I guess we'll just have to blame this one on our man Bill, once again.

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Re: Netscape navigator problems

It's all about authentication. Jeff put up a post once explaining this. Netscape doesn't support the NTLM authentication we require (and IE provides) to access the Unity admin pages. That's why Netscape isn't supported and IE is. This may change in 4.x as we no longer rely on NTLM for authentication.


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