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Network Locale - Australia CCM 3.3(3) - tones.xml not found

Hi there

I am trying to figure out how to get network locale installed on CCM3.3(3). When we set the network locale to australia in the device pool all phones take a long time to boot because they are looking for the "Australia\tones.xml" on the TFTP server. However, I can not find an installer for the Australian network locale.

Any ideas? For the moment I can put the device pool back to United States and phones boot much quicker.



Re: Network Locale - Australia CCM 3.3(3) - tones.xml not found

Localization Enhancements

Administrators can use Cisco IP Telephony Locale Installer to add new language support directly to a Cisco CallManager server. Cisco CallManager 3.3 supports Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Greek and all Latin-1 languages. Cisco CallManager Release 3.3 installs the English_United_States locale by default. You can obtain other locales at

For information on how to install these locales, refer to the Cisco IP Telephony Locale Installer documentation and the readme file that are posted on the web next to the locale software.

After you download the locale installer, you can display field names in the User area of Cisco CallManager Administration in your chosen language. However, Cisco CallManager only supports the English character set, also known as ISO-Latin1 or ISO-8859-1, in the fields and in all user accounts and passwords that are needed to access these windows. If a user enters data that is not in the English character set, a dialog box displays, stating that the user must enter English data.

Note: You must install the same locale on all servers in a cluster to maintain locale support during a failover.

Here is the link which talks about Local Installation

Hope it helps


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Re: Network Locale - Australia CCM 3.3(3) - tones.xml not found

Thanks Aslam, I have looked at this information, however I can not find anything relating to Australia. Even though there is an option for Australia by default in the "Network Locale" section. This is what I am looking for, the Australian version.


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