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networking workaround


We're installing Unity 4.0.3 into a site (1) , UM with existing 5.5.

A sister company has Unity 3.1, also to 5.5, different site etc, only connected by a WAN link.

We have 1 user who has an extension, domain account etc at Site 1, but there mailbox is homed on site 2 (the same exchange server thast is linked with site 2's unity).

The customer would like this person to have UM but isnt too sure about installing a connector to allow for him to be an internet subscriber. Also site 2 is running out of licences.

Is it an option to set up a hidden mailbox on Site 1's exchnage server and forward all VMs to the users mailbox in site 2? Would this give any problems with VMO etc?



Cisco Employee

Re: networking workaround

Not entirely sure I have a firm grasp on your situation but with regards to your question about moving messages from one Exchange account to another on the back end causing Unity any problems I _can_ tell you that is fine. You can have Exchange mirror (copy) or move any messages (including voice mail) from one mailbox to another - it's not going to mangle any properties on the mail in the process and Unity wont have a problem pick the message up as a voice mail, turning your lamp on, accessing it over the phone etc...

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