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New Attendant console questions

OK - besides all of the inacurracies in the documention - there is still a bit of confusion on my part about how to get this to work like the old Webattendant console did, so here we go:

1 - the documentation says that pilot points need to be created with no shared line appearances (recomended), but we have 4 phones in the building that have our primary inbound numbers on them so they ring all at once so anybody can answer them, does this mean that we can't have those phones configured with those lines?

2 - If we don't have those shared line appearances on the phones, and the ac is offline, just where do the calls go? Or do we need to set up a PP with each of those phones in it and then it rolls from one phone to the next (not the best solution)?

From what I can tell, this "simple" upgrade requires a complete redesign of callmanager to work properly. Am I just missing the big picture here or is this a product brought out before it's time?

I'll be opening a tac case here shortly, but wanted to see if I was just missing the obvious or not.



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Re: New Attendant console questions

Server configuration is basically the same. For a setup I've done, there are individual web attendant users, and the hunt group is points to user 1, line 2, user 2, line 2, user 3 line 2, user 4, line 2, then user 1 line 3, and so on. (Using 7960s with the first line on each as the individuals DN. We used the longest idle algorithm. (This doesn't accomplish what you want, but perhaps you don't need web attendant, just straight shared line appearances?)

For us , the main incoming number, say 3000, is the pilot point DN. The LAST line of all those in the hunt group is configured to CFB and CFNA to DN for voice mail., the voicemail box for the pilot point points to the opening greeting.

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Re: New Attendant console questions

Erik -

Thank you for the input and sorry for not responding sooner - it's been hectic here. Anyway, I feel like I'm missing something simple here but let me explain what we have and maybe you can help clear it up. We have Unity and 1 CM. The CM has 2 pilot point groups. One group has only our voicemail extension, the other group has 4 primary extensions and then the voicemail extension. The AC user has the 2 pilot points associated to it. We have several phones in the office that have the primary extensions, all of them start being listed as line appearance either 2 or 3. Line appearance 1 and 2 both have voicemail (these are the persons extensions). So when I added a phone to the AC that had 2 personal line appearances and 3 of the primary extensions, everything worked ok until I quit the application, then no calls went through - pretty much the call would ring twice then they caller would receive dead air. Once I took the phone out of the AC user association, just leaving the pilot points and everything works on the phone system. So, do I have to add a phone to user AC or not and does that phone have to have the primary extensions on it before the attendant console or not. Should the phone not have voicemail on any of the extensions......

Just what am I missing here?

Thanks for the assistance.


Re: New Attendant console questions


the operation of the new attendant console is VERY similar to the old web attendant, it's just a new app front end rather than web based.

The old Web attendant would not support shared lines, and this one doesn't so I don't understand what your problem is, you couldn't do it before and you can't do it now.

The only real advantage over the older version (other than looking a whole lot better) is that you can now do screened transfer.


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Re: New Attendant console questions

Paul -

Actually in the old version, shared lines did not give it fits - we had it installed on several desk tops with out issue. This new one is based on the pilot points and to have it configured correctly, you have to associate the pilot points with the ac user. That part works fine - until of course you try to actually *use* the product by adding a new web attendant console administrator and a phone - that's when the fun starts and unfortunately it killed our system twice - by killed I mean that no inbound calls where accepted by any part of the system, customers received 2 rings then dead air then disconnection - not very good to start with - now granted, we are using auto attendant through our Unity server and apparently the transfers were not occuring properly and that's why no calls were being put through. I have not had the time currently to actually open a tac case on this yet, and I admit it may be a configuration issue on our end - but the fact still remains that the documentation is lacking (nothing like having to read 3 seperate documents just to install the product). I just wanted to know if anybody else was actually using the product successfully so as maybe I can deduce what is wrong - you tend to learn more when you can figure out what's going on.....

I take it that you are successfully using this product on a daily basis and having no issues what so ever - that's good. So then I assume the phone you have it working with does not have voice mail either.....



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Re: New Attendant console questions

I like the new Attendent Console. The only problem that a customer of mine has is the customer has to restart the Call Dispatch service every 12-24 hours. What happens is that, each line indication for the 7960 eventually shows that all 6 lines have calls on hold (which is obviously not the case). It doesn't prevent the phone from working, just calls being displayed properly in the AC.

Anyone seeing this?

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