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New CALLBACK service in 3.3

We are running cm 3.3.3 sr 3. If you are using the new callback feature and call someone who has voicemail, does that service work when voicemail picks up the call in any way? I realize this is a whole different world, but in our old ROLM 9751 days if you got voicemail, you could hit CAMP and when the caller was done, it would still call you back... Wondering if this handles that as well, or only if you get a busy tone?

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Re: New CALLBACK service in 3.3

The CallBack softkey can only be added for two call states, on-hook and ring-out. This means that the service is only available if the called party DN is ringing or busy. If the call state transitions to connected (either the called party answers or VM answers) then the CallBack service is no longer available for that call.

I'm sure that camp-on is on the feature roadmap.

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Re: New CALLBACK service in 3.3


We had an issue setting this up to start with. this was because all phones were set to CFA or CFB to voicemail. Call back would not work if passed to unity. We had to remove the CFB to VM and everything then worked ok.

So in answer to your question, no it is not currently possible.



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Re: New CALLBACK service in 3.3

thanks for your answers, this helps.

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