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new cisco IOS 12.2.11.Tx calls not completing

I just loaded the 12.2.11T1 IOS from cisco on a 2600 and my calls started failing. I understand this new IOS uses H323 version 4 stack, but i can't get any calls through it. It alwas sends a ReleaseComplete in response to a Setup message, with the release reason "bearer capability not implemented". after this upgrade, do i have to add any extra commands to my old configuration? any ideas?

I also noticed that there is a command under the voice serv voip config mode, pertaining to the bearer capability, but i can't get any links on cisco's website that explains what it does, and whether or not it is relevent to my problem.

Help, pls



Re: new cisco IOS 12.2.11.Tx calls not completing

First off, why upgrade? Have you tried a different version that may have any features that you need such as 12.2.8T5? Regardless, if you wish to troubleshoot, I have some questions:

1. What is happening to the call? Fast Busy?

2. The ReleaseComplete, is that on the gateway debugs or in the Trace files?

3. Are you running a PRI? If so, have you run any q931 debugs? I've had an upgrade take place and the carrier had to reset there equipment before I was back up and running, I had rebooted numerous times. They had an old switch so that may have had something to do with it.

4. Any particular reason you lean towards it being an H.323 problem?

I'm not sure what command in particular that you are refering to regarding the bearer capability, but I don't think that has anything to do with what is going on. The ReleaseComplete is a normal teardown message, the bearer capability sounds like some sort of layer 2 message.



Re: new cisco IOS 12.2.11.Tx calls not completing

Can't give a precise aswer without a Q931 debug trace(debug isdn q931) , but it could be due to the outgoing bearer cap being set to either speech or 3.1Khz and the telco getting upset with this.

Under the voice port config, there is a command 'bearer-cap XXXX' . Try both options , and also make sure the command 'compand-type a-law/u-law' is set to the value the local network uses (North America is ulaw, rest of the world is alaw).

New Member

Re: new cisco IOS 12.2.11.Tx calls not completing

I am having similar problems but have found that different versions of the code allow the call to set up or not.

Are you using a VoIP application? I'm trying to do video.

I could would definitely be interested in what your experience is with the new code base. Are you using NAT for anything? Conduits, ACLs?

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