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New CME 3.4. No Voice register global mode

Anyone out there been successful with CME and SIP phones?

I am testing this new CME 3.4, 2801 12.4(4)T advipservices. I have enabled voip service and sip but it won't take any voice register commands. I am running SCCP on the router. I know this is pretty new so I'm not sure if it's available yet or if I need a different feature set. So far this is the only config I was able to enter:

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip


registrar server expires max 600 min 60

Any help will be appreciated.



Re: New CME 3.4. No Voice register global mode

CME 3.4 very much supports the registrar command. You can have a look at the configuration guide. It also has a troubleshooting section for SIP Phones with CME 3.4.

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Re: New CME 3.4. No Voice register global mode

Hello Luis,

I just passed this step couple of days ago. Please find below my findings :

1 - When configuring a Phone on the CME to work in SIP Mode :

a - First You need to enable the SIP Functionality:

( I will supply to you the Commands from my memory , since i am not in the office right now )

Router(conf)#Voice Register Global

Router(conf-Voice-Register)#Mode cme


b - Adding the Phone Extension :

Router(conf)#Voice Register dn 3

Router(conf-Voice Register dn)#Number 200

Router(conf-Voice Register dn)#Name Luis

Router(conf-Voice Register dn)#Label Luistest

Notes :

1 - dn 3 is a Tag or an Identefier..u can change it.

2- Number 200 = The Extension the SIP Phone will use.

c - Adding the Phone as a Device and attaching it with the Extension :

Router(conf)#Voice Register Pool 3

Router(Conf Voice Register Pool)#id mac

Router(Conf Voice Register Pool)Type 7905

Router(Conf Voice Register Pool)Number 1 dn 3

Notes :

1 - Pool 3 : is also an identefier , you can change it.

2 - Type : You will find the supported types if you types < Type ? > command.

3 - Number 1 dn 3 : Attaching this device with the Extension we created previously and assigned to it Identefier " 3 "

Try this and keep me posted if you succeded.



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Re: New CME 3.4. No Voice register global mode

Thanks Tag!!!

SIP was actually enabled in the router. My problem was that I was testing that on a 2801 router(advipservices) that supposedly support SIP but it doesn't. I was able to do it on a 2811.

The requierements for CME to support SIP says you can run it on a 1800, 2800, and other platforms as long as they run CME 3.4.

I made another posting and someone that was having the same problem found out it would work on a 2811.

Thanks anyways. I really appreciate it....

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