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New Daylight Saving in CCM 4.1 and Unity 3.1

hey guys,

U might b aware of new DST announced by US Government for 2007.

I am using CCM 4.1 on Windows 2000.

Also on another system, I am using Cisco Unity 3.1(4) on Win 2000 with Exchange 2000 and SQL 2000.

Microsoft will release utility that will update Windows 2000 time. Not sure about any similar update for Exchange 2000.

My concern is, would this affect my setup?

I mean would i still see correct time in logs and voice messages once Windows time is fixed with the fix that microsoft will b releasing or do i need separate fix for CCM and Unity?

Any pointers will be appreciated.



Re: New Daylight Saving in CCM 4.1 and Unity 3.1

Unity and CCM both take time from the Windows Time Service or whatever windows has on it's current time. If you change the clock on the server, it will update the IP phones display. On Unity if you update the Unity Exchange server time clock, it will update the messages when they are played back and recorded.

So essentially, if you update Windows with the new server, this will be fine for CCM and Unity.


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Re: New Daylight Saving in CCM 4.1 and Unity 3.1

We've just been through a last minute DLS introduction here in Western Australia and hit a couple of issues due to Cisco not releasing a patch in time (I don't think that will happen to you).

You will still need to apply a CCM Patch (once released) to ensure that the time changes that time changes happen on the correct days. Just updating the timezone settings in Windows will not mean that the DLS changes apply to the Date/Time Groups in CCM. These are stored in the DB and need to be updated by an official Cisco Patch.

Not 100% on the unity side of things patch wise.

We had to update the timezone in the Date/Time groups affected and updated the users timezone in their unity profiles to move them to a GMT+9 timezone so it incorporates the DLS change.

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Re: New Daylight Saving in CCM 4.1 and Unity 3.1

Just had this issue in WA after completing the patch for windows the CCM4.1 did not update the Phones display. I have an question with cisco TAC about this, the quick fix was to change the zone on the Date/Time Group within the Publisher and that has changed the display correctly. Will update when cisco have replied.

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Re: New Daylight Saving in CCM 4.1 and Unity 3.1

Have you received an answer from TAC. We are also very interested in how to update the DST settings in the CallManager Date/Time groups and can find nothing on CCO referencing this issue.



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