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New Documents page now available on

A new “Documents” page has been added to and a couple of new documents have been included on it… with several more on the way over the next few moths.

The Unity Architecture Overview document is now available here. This gives a detailed look at the Unity 4.x architecture and includes “hands on” walk throughs of a few common scenarios including diagnostic output from various components. The idea is to help further the reader’s understanding of what’s going on “under the covers” when callers leave messages, Unity turns on MWIs, changes take place in the directory and when admins access the SA to make changes in Unity. This is from forthcoming book on Unity 4.0 being worked on by myself and two other engineers in the ECSBU… I’ll be spinning out 3 or 4 chapters into stand alone documents that can be downloaded off ahead of time. While these are targeted at Unity 4.0, they are for the most part applicable to Unity 3.1(x) as well.

I also posted Erich’s excellent “Diagnosing the MIU” document out there. It’s a very detailed look at how to read the MIU trace output when diagnosing problems with TAPI and Unity’s integration with Call Manager. Not for beginners but very good stuff…

Be watching this new page for documents on the Unity data object model, audio text applications, programmatically administering Unity and more.


Re: New Documents page now available on

Hello Jeff,

Is this going to be a Cisco Press Book? I really don't care as long as you are in on it but just wondering. Could we get an ETA on the publish date?

Cisco Employee

Re: New Documents page now available on

Yeah, it'll be published through Cisco Press. I don't have an ETA on it since several critical sections can't be written till 4.0 hits the streets... that and they have a 5 month lead time from the time we hand off finished material till it hits the shelves. That's one of the reasons I'm spinning some of the chapters out as stand alone documents ahead of time.

I should post the Table of Contents out there while I'm thinking about it...

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