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New IP telefoni

I would like to replace the company ´s PBX with IP telefoni and MPLS. We have 8 locations mostly range from 2 PC 's to 7 PC 's accept on the main location with 40 PC 's. What kind of Cisco switches and routers should i invest on ?

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Re: New IP telefoni

It depends on whether you want to use Cisco CallManager or not: I would suggest Call Manager running at the central site, probably with a Catalyst 4006 as Ethernet switch (use the external power subsystem to provide power to the telephone handsets, or use the Inline Power PatchPanel if you already have an Ethernet switch). Which router you use depends on how you are connecting to the PSTN: if you are using Primary Rate ISDN, you could use the access gateway module in the 4000 to provide PSTN interface; alternatively, use a 26xx/36xx to provide it).

For smaller offices, I was going to suggest a 3524XL-PWR Ethernet switch (inline power for phones) and a 2620 with analogue voice modules for PSTN connectivity in case the central site link fails (using Survivable Remote Site Telephony feature in the router and Call Manager), but I was looking for information on the 4000 earlier and saw the new Catalyst 4224, which is an integrated switch and router, providing power to phones, Ethernet switching (including automatic VLAN setup), voice gateway and other features. Information is at - not sure if this is FCS yet though, you'd need to talk to your Cisco people.

Purely for my interest, if this kind of thing was available as a managed service (like a Centrex-type service), would you consider it?

Pls email if I can help further,


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