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New Profile Errors

We recently lost our VM server, and once we'd set up the new one, I couldn't locate the desired recipients. I finally found that we needed to remove Custom Attributes 12 and 14, but now I'm getting "Templates callhandler not found" when attempting to add the subscriber.<br><br>Notes: Our previous installation had a separate mail server on the unity machine, this installation is attaching to our existing Exchange 5.5 server. There was an existing Cisco Unity folder on that server, which I suspect may be causing some problems. (Known to be existing by data stamp). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Unity version is 3.0(2).<br><br>


Re: New Profile Errors

well young Jedi, I suspect the primary call handler attached to the subscriber template object is missing or pointing back to the wrong template (a condition called "cross linked" handlers).

First, try running the latest dbWalker off AnswerMonkey and see if it's catches any cross linked conditions or stranded mailuser/templates/handlers.

Next, try creating a new subscriber template and then importing a subscriber (or creating a new subscriber) with that template to see if it barks about that.

In general it's a good idea to uninstall your previous version of Unity to get rid of the properties on the subscribers and toast the Unity folder entirely. You can always do this manually in raw mode for Ex55 prior to install but if you didn't uninstall properly (or couldn't) the subscribers will need to be cleaned manually unfortunately. There's no easy/safe way to automate this process for Ex55 (you can use BunnyKiller on AnswerMonkey for AD installs).

that said, all the template and handler information is stored locally on the SQL server. Did you uninstall the previous Unity install at all? It may have left the UnityDB hanging around and the install didn't handle this properly. If that's the case and I were you I'd take the opportunity to uninstall (use the latest Uninstall off AnswerMonkey, just made some fixes this last weekend), manually wax the Unity folder out of Exchange 5.5, clean your mail users (if they aren't already) and take another run at the setup.

If that's not the case, it's probably a fairly simple fixup of your templates.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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