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* New version of Bulk Edit Utility on web page *

Just a note to let folks I’ve put a new version of the Bulk Update utility on the tools page of my web site at the link below. I haven’t updated the web page with snappy new screen shots but the download link now gets you version 2.4.105 of the tool.<br><br>I’ve added:<br><br>-Time zone support for the upcoming 2.4.6 release. For versions prior to 2.4.6 the drop down for this on the subscriber Profile page will simply be disabled.<br><br>- Added a new “Extension” tab for subscribers that lets you change user’s extensions in bulk. Got a lot of requests for this and I think it has all the possible contortions you’d need when changing numbering plans or the like. There’s a test button on the tab… please use it liberally to make sure stuff is going to be changed to what you want!<br><br>-Added new “Loop back to self” option in ‘Action’ drop down list for all one key rules, after message and after greeting options tabs for both subscribers and call handlers. If, for instance, you want handlers to repeat their greetings when a user fat-fingers an entry instead of taking them back to the opening greeting, you can use this option on the “Error” greeting to do this now.<br><br>-Cleaned up the logging a bit, made it more readable and added start/stop time stamps. The logs are also accumulative instead of overwriting the existing log.<br><br>-Fixed a few bugs reported with one key routing rules not being handle properly in some scenarios.<br><br>The extension tab and “loop back to self” features were added at user’s request… as always, if you have stuff you’d like to see get into any of my tools or have ideas for new tools, shoot me an email.<br><br>Enjoy.<br><br><br><br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect<br>Active Voice<br><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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Re: * New version of Bulk Edit Utility on web page *


Thank you so much for implementing the "loop back to self" feature. I had already edited all the call handlers individually, but this will greatly simplify the process of editing the users which I have been dreading. Now it should be a snap.


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