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NIC teaming

Does anyone know of any issues with NIC teaming on the Call Manager?


Re: NIC teaming

Yup, make sure you have the latest and greatest for teaming and only use it for Fault Tolerant settings, not load balancing. And they can be a problem setting up.... once they are set, they should be fine though

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Re: NIC teaming

Alright, I've used it in the past, and had no problems, however with my most recent setup I'm having connectivity issues. From the switch when I try to traceroute to the servers I get the following output.

1 * * * Request timed out.

2 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms

But when I try to traceroute to the Unity I don't get that first time out, The teaming software is a bit different on that box. I'm also getting errors on the boxes that Cisco cannot figure out, so it probably has something to do with connectivity.

I've disabled the teaming and I still have the issues, any ideas?

Please let me know what you think.


Re: NIC teaming

Oh this is for Unity? yeah, be extra careful. Unity 4.0(5) cd's had issues withe NIC driver.... You will need to a firmware upgrade and driver udpate to the NIC card. Try just using one NIC card and see if you are still have issues.

Break the team

Assign it one static IP

check Unity connection.

The team gettings flakey also if you are using Failover. If the fault redudency if flakey... Failover will randomly kick in and go to the secondary server...

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Re: NIC teaming

No, actually the Unity is the only box working; the callmanager servers are having the issue. I broke the team on the CCM servers, and it had no effect. Could there be a NIC teaming issue with the CallManager?

Re: NIC teaming

I would probably trace it backwards then.

Was the ccm working fine before? If it was, and it just started happening, I would go to the switch port it's plugged into and look for errors.

if it's a new install, and you broke the team and you have just one cable plugged into one NIC card, I would have to say its something at the switch.

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