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Night Service / Night Mode

I am sure I am not the first person to run into this need. I have a customer that I am moving off of an Executone PBX and they currently have the functionality of "Night Mode" to forward their main number to a night answering service. In thier current system thier main number is attached to the operator console so forwarding to an external number is pretty straight forward. When we roll to CM the main number will be an IPCC pilot.

What are your suggestions to configure this number to forward to a night service?

They currently hit a "Night Mode" button on the operator console and I think they want to retain that manual functionality.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Night Service / Night Mode

What is the "night answering service", is it an extesion off the CCM, or an external extension? In IPCC script (assumping Express version) you can do Time of Day routing to redirect the call to that extension/number. With IPCC Enterprise you would create an aferhours script to redirect the call.


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Re: Night Service / Night Mode

Thanks for the reply Chris. The night service is an external number. I am running IPCC Express. Would I just create and IF statement at the beginning of my script to check the time and then decide what the do with the call at that branch?

The only problem I have with that is that there is no user interaction. I suppose we could use an HTTP trigger configured on the operator's phone but we are stuck with the Enhanced version :(

Let me know what you think....


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Re: Night Service / Night Mode

You would use the Time of Day step, and then you define the time segments under which you create the logic of how the call should be treated. I attached a simple script for you, which also checks if today is weekend. I set the XferExternalNumber variable which is your phone number to the night service as a parameter so the admin can modify it from IPCC admin page without modyfing the script.


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