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NM-HDV versus 6608-T1 Question

We are in the process of replacing two different

gateways using NM-HDVs and VWIC-MFTs with a

single 6608 module.

One of these NM-HDV's has a VWIC-MFT with a T1 with

only ten of the channels active from the telco for

us being 1-10. The telco has "reserved" channels

13-24 for some other purpose.

I am having trouble finding where I can restrict or

define the channel range that a 6608 T1 port can use.

The NM-HDV was pretty obvious using the ds0-group

and related commands.

The issue is that the 6608 sometimes seems to try and

send calls out via 13-24 during testing which is not

a desired effect. We want the 6608 to start at 10

and work towards 1 for outcalling; whereas the telco

starts at 1 and works towards 10 for inbound calls.

The setting is probably obvious; but if someone can

point it out; thanks in advance.

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Re: NM-HDV versus 6608-T1 Question

Yes you can restrict the channels on the 6608 T1 to 1-10. Under CallManager service parameters (advanced), specify this for the "Change B-Channel Maintenance Status 1"

---> S0/DS1-0@SDA000E3879B00B = 0000 0000 0022 2222 2222 2220

0= InService

1= Take out of service gracefully

2= Forcefully out of service

For outcalling with channels starting from 10 to 1, under the gateway configuration for the 6608 blade, specify "Bottom Up" for channel selection order.

Hope this helps,



Re: NM-HDV versus 6608-T1 Question

One more thing is, you need to check the "Enable Status Poll" check box on the 6608 gateway settings.

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