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No 7 digit dial filter in CM 3.3???


I have a customer with CM 3.3. There does not appear to have the "canned" 7 digit dial filter that CM used to come with. I can work around this with spelling out all the individual route patterns (ie 9.XXXXXXX) but this customer of mine has 20 sites and a centralized model will mean I need need like a half-dozen route patterns for each site...that comes out to like 120 route patterns. That is crazy. I can use the 9.@ with route filters. But, I try copying a 7 digit dial filter on a current CM (3.1) and applying the rules to CM 3.3... it just doesn't work! Any ideas? I'm going to go over the CM 3.3 design guide again....


Re: No 7 digit dial filter in CM 3.3???

Yes, they stopped adding the filter by default in 3.3. But, the filter should still work. The filter you are creating has LOCAL-AREA-CODE set to DOES-NOT-EXIST right?

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Re: No 7 digit dial filter in CM 3.3???

That's what I figured....

Yes! It's not brain surgery. So you're saying this should be working right? I'll have to check the trace files next...I'm making sure the design guide doesn't say something like..."in 3.3, you need to" blah blah blah


Re: No 7 digit dial filter in CM 3.3???

Here are a few things to check out:

Turn on Detailed CCM Tracing

Goto the Route Pattern, and press "Update", then look at the CCM trace and you should see something like:

Digit analysis: Add local pattern /9.@ (LOCAL-AREA-CODE DOES-NOT-EXIST)

If you see that, then try this:

Go offhook on your ip phone and dial **##*4

Open the latest CCM Trace, and go towards the bottom. You will see the entire dialing forest printed out in the trace.

Near the bottom (at least on my server), there will be a group of patterns:

These are the patterns you will see if LOCAL-AREA-CODE is set to DOES-NOT-EXIST



These are the patterns you will see if there is no filter on LOCAL-AREA-CODE:





Notice the 2 extra patterns that enable 10 digit dialing.

Re: No 7 digit dial filter in CM 3.3???

Interesting you should complain about having to build 120 route patterns,

Outside the USA the NANP file and subsequently the @ pattern do not work at all. I have a customer with 48 sites and was going to have to build a Route Pattern table with 1300 entries, however i have re-written the NANP file to cope with the UK dial plan and am now down to 6/7 entries per site including all their call barring requirements.

If you are having problems building a route filter you need to have a look at how the calls are matched in the NANP file (c:\program files\cisco\dial plan\) and then build the relevant 7 digit filter. I can't tell you the specific details because I don't work in the USA and am not familiar with the use of this filter, but once you study the file you should get the idea.

Interstingly All my CM builds so far (including 3.3) seem to have the 7 digit filter even though it's no good to me.


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