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No CDR data from 2821

I have a newly installed IPT system using CCM 4.1. I have been asked my management to start collecting call data for project billing purposes.

Since turing on the CDR collection, I am only logging calls to and from the analogue gateway (VG224), nothing is being logged from the 2821.

Is there any way CDR collection can be activated on the 2821?

many thanks


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Re: No CDR data from 2821

Sounds like the VG224 is MGCP and the 2821 is H323. MGCP devices will record back to the CDR database on CCM. I don't believe there is a similar feature for H323. A syslog server might do the trick.

But, all calls made from a device connected to your CCM should be logged in the CDR. Don't know what the purpose of 2821 is, or what's connected to it, and without that it's hard to say what you might be missing.

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Re: No CDR data from 2821


Thanks for your reply. This is the description I have for the 2821, taken from my hand-over documentation:

'2821 E1 PRI PSTN Gateway: This gateway is connected to the PSTN via a BT 15-channel ISDN PRI. MGCP backhaul is configured for CCM MGCO control of the E1'



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Re: No CDR data from 2821

Sorry Simon...not out here as much as I used to be.

2821 is MGCP, it should be writing back to CDR. Calls recorded from this router will be external, not calls over this router come from/go to somewhere other than Call Manager.

I assume your using CM's CDR reporting tool, which I don't work with much. I recall from doing SQL queries on the CDR database that calls coming from/going to an external source have a value of 65040. I don't recall the name of the field..sorry.

Questions I can't answer w/ confidence:

- If the 2821 is registered to a subscriber, will it write back to CDR database on the publisher ?

- Does CCM location value play a role here ?

- What about dial plan ? Set to NANP in a non-NANP environment ?

Common sense (and the little I know), tells me none of the above should matter. All calls should be in CDR.

Wish I could help more...hopefully you already have your answer. Happy to post our custom queries if you'd like.

Re: No CDR data from 2821

Check the Call Manager Service Parameters, and see if the CDR Enabled flag is set to TRUE for all your servers in the cluster.

This is a per-server setting and maybe it's true on one server and false on another if you have multiple servers in the cluster.

If that is right, see if the VG224 is registered to same CCM as the 2821. If it is same server then theres a deeper CDR issue since other MGCP gateways, phones, etc are writing CDR records for the same server.

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