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no dc directory connections available

I have a callcenter running cra 2.24 on callmanager 3.14a. Cra is co-located on the callmanager. This morning and a week ago, the callmanager publisher had a problem with dc directory. The phones all stayed up and working but the cra went down. I'm getting a dc directory error that I've attached. I've never seen this error and I can't seem to find it on the Cisco Web site. After rebooting callmanager, I still had to restart the engine for cra. Seems like it should have come up on it's own when callmanager was rebooted. Any Ideas?

(BASE IL NEW CONNECT(46) Proc 88, Sev 14)

No free connection control blocks - connection refused. This indicates that the maximum number of simultaneous TCP/IP connections has been reached, and further connection attempts will fail until one of the existing connections has been closed.

Socket ID 54B36204

Component LDAP

Number of CBs configured 504


Re: no dc directory connections available

You could try un-installing the DC Directory from the Publisher and the Subscriber and then re-install it once again. This could help solve the problem.

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