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No DND softkey option when call is connected?

I can't tell you how surprised I am there is no option to define a DND button when your phone status is "connected". I also can't tell you how many teleconference meetings I've spent huddled around an IP Phone with a team on speaker and each time a call comes in, I disrupt and annoy the participants as they are forced to hear the ringing of my incoming call. Sure, you can hit DND as each call comes in, if you're sitting with your finger on the softkey and not standing in front of a whiteboard presenting. I've tried to make a concerted effort to place my phone on DND BEFORE I begin a teleconference meeting session, but often times a "Do you have 5 minutes quick?" turns into an hour long call and I wish I had hit DND before I answered.

Does anyone else find it annoying you can't place your phone in DND mode when you have a connected call? I think it's a "feature" that is sorely lacking.


Re: No DND softkey option when call is connected?

It may be how you have your line configured. You can have it simple alert your display, with no beep noise. Or put the call on DND before you go a conference call. Or, when your in call, have the second incoming call go to voicemail. (busy) Be default, you will get a certain number of incoming "virtual" lines per phone. If you do not want this, you have to adjust it in UCM.

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Re: No DND softkey option when call is connected?

I was intrigued by your issue. It sounds as if you have Ring Setting enabled to Ring even if a call is active on your phone. I wasn't able to test DND on a hard phone, though my test scenario worked for me on my CIPC by only allowing a beep after DND was enabled while midcall.

There is a line setting on CUCM6.0 for your phone that should enable you to define your phone's behavior in the event you are on an active call. On the phone/line menu, Ring Setting (Phone Active) can be toggled to Disable, Flash Only, Ring Once, Ring, or Beep Only. In this way any time you receive a subsequent call while on the phone you should be able to define how your phone reacts.

If you are having to depress DND every time a call comes in I am wondering if there is not a misconception on IDivert vs DND. IDivert being on a per call basis sending each incoming call to voicemail. DND turning the ringer off on the phone rather than sending it directly to voicemail. This is a slight difference from the way traditional PBXes termed Do Not Disturb. Inquire as to whether or not this may be the case for you.

In any case, DND is configurable in a couple of places. If you depress DND while on a call it should discontinue a call from ringing again on your phone. However, if you find that this is not the case, take a look at the default settings for DND. As well, users can log into their own CCMUser pages and turn on/off DND from that location if they find that the softkey is unavailable in a pinch.

Hope this helps.

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Re: No DND softkey option when call is connected?

What initially "alerted" me to this is that you do not have the option of configuring a DND softkey when the phone is "connected". The only options are:













So, you can't even present a DND button when you're on a call. My implementation is CME CME 4.1(0) with Unity 3.0.

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