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No more MTP resources available.

I have this error in event log:

Error: MtpNoMoreResourcesAvailable - No more MTP resources available.

App ID: Cisco CallManager

Cluster ID: StandAloneCluster


Explanation: MTP resource is not available.

Recommended Action: Install additional MTP or transcoder resources.

any ideas??


Re: No more MTP resources available.

You have to look trough the detailed trace files. It could be that there were no more transcoder resources available (if any are configured.) Do you have multiple codecs in your network? Transcoders and MTPs are closely related. Only looking at the trace files will tell you what failed to allocate.

There's also PERFMON statistics you can look at. If they are all reading 0 and you are getting your error, then it's probably transcoding.

Verify you have your MRG and MRGLs configured correctly.

New Member

Re: No more MTP resources available.

Hi, also have what kind of problem. Did you fix it? In system where are different codecs but maybe problem is then calls go through pgw and call goes in 3.1 kHz. Trace files shows nofing intresting only mtp timecheck and timeout.

New Member

Re: No more MTP resources available.

Hi Carlos ! were you able to fix the issue ? if so, can you tell me what you did ?

I am running into the same issue.

thanks !!!


New Member

Re: No more MTP resources available.

Hi Danny,

I couldn?t solve this problem if you do please tell me the solution

thanks in advance


Re: No more MTP resources available.

Got any g.729 in your network? If so, check transcoders / MRG / MRGLs

Got any gateway objects that have "media termination point required"? set and the MTP / MRG / MRGL is not properly assigned?

New Member

Re: No more MTP resources available.

Hi there,

This most likely means that the MTP resources that exist within the CallManager are already assigned to some other Media Resource Group which should be in use by some other devices.

What I am recommending you, is to make sure whether there are any MRGs taking already this MTP resources, and if so, assign the same MRGL to this other devices with the problem, or create similar MRG and MRGL, using the same or similar resources, but including some MTP resources, and assign them to the devices with the problem.

If the devices or the Device Pool to which they belong do not have any MRGL configured, it will be likely to present such or similar problems.

If you configured a MRGL which is not assigned to a device pool,this DP can not make use of the MRGL

The way to solve it would be to assign that same MRGL to all of the Device Pools and reset them, then the resources will be available for everybody.

Kind regards,


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